1. Once upon a time, two men were planting sugarcane in adjacent fields. The men decided that the one who grew the best cane would receive a reward, while the other with the inferior cane would be punished. 

2. One of the man, who hoped to manipulate the situation to his favour, suddenly had an idea...

3. The next day, he had his field fertilized with sugarcane juice just as he planned... 

4. But instead of yielding an excellent crop, he got only rotten seeds, and all his sugarcane was lost.

Everybody seek happiness. But some does so by relying on violence and wiles. Sometimes even abusing their power, or robbing others in the mistaken belief that owing more will make them happy.

They fail to realize and understand that what goes around comes around, and that in the future they will only experience pain and misfortune. 
Do not be like the fool who squeezed the sugarcane and ended up losing his entire crop.