The Squirrel

Long, long ago, the bodhisattva was born as a squirrel. He lived in a nest with his three little babies on a tree branch that stretched out towards the sea.

One day, a storm whipped through the forest and broke the branch supporting the squirrel's nest. The nest, together with the baby squirrels, fell into the sea.

The father, on seeing his babies floating helplessly, thought of emptying the ocean to save them. Flipping his bushy tail, he tried to empty the sea.

Sakka, the god king of the heaven of thirty-three, saw and approached the squirrel. He asked...

Please with his tenacity, Sakka saved and brought the squirrel's children to him.

Then, with great love and admiration, Sakka gently stroked the father squirrel with his three fingers. 

The three strips still on the back of all squirrels are the result of Sakka's soft stroking.