The Two Archers

One day, there were two expert archers who had different personalities took part in a competition.  

In the first round, both missed their target....

The first archer kept blaming his bow..

But the other archer thought about his aim and realized he needed to improve his concentration..

In the next round ...

the second archer improved his concentration and hit the target!

But the first archer missed it again.

It is easy to blame outside factors when we make mistakes. But in order to improve ourselves, the first step is in accepting that we have some weakness or fault. Only then can we start to improve ourselves. 
Practising Anapana and following the five precepts helps to calm and concentrate the mind and helps you to become more aware when you have made a mistake. Then it helps you keep the resolve to rectify the mistake and not repeat it again.

Anapana Meditation for Children and Teens
Vipassana Meditation for Adult